I am a Computer Science PhD student in Genetics at the Integrative Genomics group in the Neurodiderot unit of Inserm (French institute for medical research) (Paris 19, France) since September 2019. I am mainly interested in bioinformatics, and how to apply tractable and understandable methods to extract higher-order information from biological data.

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(*) Gone with the wind is truly a masterpiece and belongs to its rightful owner. My quoting it is merely a token of my utmost appreciation of this piece of art.


  • A. Delahaye-Duriez, C. Réda and P. Gressens. Identification de cibles thérapeutiques et repositionnement de médicaments par analyses de réseaux géniques
  • In médecine/sciences, 2019 (full text).
  • C. Réda and B. Wilczyński. Automated Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Explicit Regulatory Modules
  • In Journal of Theoretical Biology, 2019 (doi: 10.1016/j.jtbi.2019.110091). In accordance with Elsevier's sharing policy: accepted manuscript.
  • C. Réda, E. Kaufmann, and A. Delahaye-Duriez. Machine learning applications in drug development
  • In Computational and Structural Biotechnology Journal, 2019 (doi: 10.1016/j.csbj.2019.12.006).


  • C. Réda and B. Wilczyński. Automated Inference of Gene Regulatory Networks Using Explicit Regulatory Modules
  • In BIT'18: (abstract, page 5) and in workshop 6 of ECCB'18: (abstract, page 15)



  • Project designed during my internship at the CBIB in Bordeaux, France (in Python):
  • (Analysis of phylogenetic trees for medical purposes) TaxoTree, TaxoClassifier, TaxoCluster
  • Projects coded during my internship at the OIST in Okinawa, Japan (in R):
  • (Analysis of single-cell RNA data) Single-Cell Explorer, MineClusters
  • Projects coded during my internship at the MIM UW in Warsaw, Poland (in Python/R):
  • (Modelling and inference of Boolean networks and patterning processes) Expansion Network, Patterning Scenario

    (well, never have I been good at naming things)


  • Bucolic Wars Defense: A Tower Defense game created with M. Pommeret and J.-G. Béchard (in Scala).
  • Serendipity: A recommender system favoring serendipity with L. Prosperi (in C++). [Unfortunately suspended][Update: you can see its baby sister at this repo]
  • Articles & Blogs:

  • A blog about science, politics, and stuff: Réfléchir with C. Lemarié-Rieusset [In French].
  • Binaire (blog of the French newspaper Le Monde) and The Conversation with S. Abiteboul [In French].
  • Some articles about algorithmics on TryAlgo (run by C. Dürr and J.-J. Vie) [In French].